If you’re interested in learning more about CBD, you’re certainly not alone. 

Every day more and more people are discovering the tremendous potential contained in this non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp and some strains of cannabis. 

From decreasing inflammation, seizures, and anxiety to pain management and much, much more, CBD is quickly becoming one of the hottest wellness products to hit the market in decades.

We know that there’s A LOT of information available on the internet about CBD. 

We wanted to make things a bit easier for those of you interested in trying CBD or learning more about it. 

The following books were carefully selected out of countless general books about cannabis, as they’re specifically focused on CBD as opposed to THC and medical marijuana.

While we’re dedicated to educating as many people as possible about the tremendous benefits of CBD, we’re not doctors, and can’t always answer your medical questions. 

We believe, however, that some of these books may be able to provide the guidance you’re seeking as most have been written by medical professionals.  

The Best CBD Books

If you’re ready to begin using CBD and want to know more, the following six books will all be beneficial on your journey.

Cannabis Revealed was written by well-respected cannabis specialist Bonni Goldstein, MD., medical director of Canna-Centers, an organization established in 2008 that offers medical evaluations to individuals who want to incorporate medical cannabis into their lives. 

This 294-page book covers the science behind “the world’s most misunderstood plant” and is an extremely informative and educational work that explains just how cannabis works as medicine.

Caroline Coile, PhD., is a canine expert that offers over 30 years of documented research on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for animals and introduces the reader to new CBD products designed specifically for pets that need them most in her book Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs.

 In her book you’ll find:

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil was written by Steven Leonard-Johnson PhD. and certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse. 

He is also a current member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). 

The book’s principal focus is the health benefits of CBD derived from natural hemp. Some of the topics CBD-Rich Hemp Oil covers include:

Medical Marijuana and Your Pet


If you’re wondering if CBD could help your pet, Medical Marijuana and Your Pet could be the book for you. 

Written by Dr. Robert Silva, Denver-based holistic veterinarian, this book offers all the information you need about the potential benefits and risks of using medical marijuana for pets with serious medical problems. In this book you’ll find:

In CBD: What You Need to Know, author Gregory Smith, MD., offers a patient-focused, scientifically supported book for people seeking the truth about CBD. 

In this 215-page, interactive book, readers will learn everything about CBD they need to make an educated and informed decision on choosing the best products to fit their needs. In CBD: What You Need to Know, you’ll find:

As one of the most accessible guides on CBD we’ve seen, CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, is hands-down one of our all-time favorite books about CBD. 

Written by Leonard Leinhow, founder of Synergy Wellness with three decades of cultivation and medical cannabis experience, you’ll find 325-pages of information suitable for both new patients and experienced users alike. 

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis offers:

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