After the US government sealed the year 2018 with the iconic announcement that the Farm Bill has passed the U.S Senate, we knew that 2019 will be a special year for the CBD industry.

Inspired by recent events, we decided to scan this crazy growing market and bring you the best CBD brand. We calculated the quality of the products, the service, the price, and the shipping and decided to give our 2018 best CBD brand award to MaxCBD Wellness. Why do you ask? Here are all the reasons:

For the special approach is using a unique approach that no one in the market – they don’t tell you what to buy, they rely completely on its customers’ feedbacks.

To solve the problem that no there is no official authority that can tell consumers how to use CBD oil, which products to use for every medical condition and what the right dosages that needed to treat every issue, they just collect information from its users and build a guide of recommendations to its future customers. Genius no? The “Wisdom of The Crowds” approach was practiced in different subjects for centuries and was proven to sometimes be even more accurate than professionals and doctors’ opinions.

CWI (CBD Wise Influencer) Program

To update their database constantly, runs a special CWI program that collects information from CBD users and in return provides them with CBD products for wholesale prices.

Want to be a part of the CWI club? Click Here To Join! 

The product

Full-spectrum high-quality CBD oil, those are not just cheap slogans. The brand is selling one of the best CBD products in the market, and here are the reasons:

  • USA made products: Starting from the growing the hemp and up to the production of the oil, all the processes are happening in the USA under strict manufacturing conditions.
  • Co2 Extract: All the products are manufactured using the best highest quality extraction method.
  • 3-Rd party lab results: They show you everything! Every bottle is accompanied by a certified 3-rd party lab results that show you exactly what you have inside the oil you buy.
  • GMP certified products: Ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.


The Price

Although we can see that for this high-quality product, they could charge us much more, MaxCBD Wellness insists on very competitive and attractive prices. Their prices and in the average-low range and when using coupons that they frequently give, we get an amazing product for the lowest price in the USA per CBD milligram.

The service

If you might think that the previous reasons are not enough, the service that those guys supply, are with no competition the best in the market today. A professional call center is there for you 5 days a week, will answer any question or consultation you might need. Nowadays, this is the ONLY brand in the industry that operates a call center that gives people an opportunity to talk with a real person, and an address to apply when you have a question or a problem. In our eyes, this fact is priceless.

The shipping

Fast and most of the time free shipping- can we ask for more? Although they state on the website that the product arrives up to 7 business days, we got it after 4 days to our doorstep. They ship to all 50 states and the shipping fee is free to all purchases above $50.

The wide range of the products

MaxCBD Wellness is producing more than 25 different products that allow every customer to choose what is suitable for him. CBD oil tinctures, sprays, roll-on gels, different creams and even pet supplements based on CBD – all those are crafted especially to different needs of different customers.


The online CBD market is full of different products and different brands that will offer you and promise you a miracle cure for all your problems. We insist that you choose carefully the brand you are willing to trust and offer you the chance to meet the brand that in our opinion is most superior in the market. You can take a look at their store here:

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