Most people have experienced one form of physical pain or another but nothing can be as agonizing as the experience of chronic pain. It makes you feel like you are playing the leading role in a never-ending nightmare. I have been a victim of chronic arthritic pain and can authoritatively tell you how the excruciating pain transforms simple day-to-day tasks that you normally take for granted, such as getting out of bed or brushing your teeth, into the most dreaded experiences. The worst thing about chronic pain, as I later came to discover, is that it makes you a bad-tempered loner who would rather suffer alone than spend time with friends and family. My social circle shrunk as my arthritis flare-ups increased in frequency and intensity. It was the worst time of my life. I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemy if I had one. I had always relied on pharmaceutical pain relief solutions but it was always a case of replacing pain with side effects and sometimes more uncomfortable symptoms. Pain medications always left me drowsy and disoriented, not to mention the stomach discomforts that came with every dosage. My salvation came from the least likely quarters – my son who was studying computer science at the time. When he suggested that I try Cannabidiol, the first question on my mind was what had the young man started smoking? I nevertheless accepted to try it. Anything that promised respite from the unending pain was more than welcome. Within the first week of using CBD oil, the excruciating pain had become a distant memory of some long-forgotten nightmare. I haven’t seen any side effects since I started using CBD Oil. Just a peaceful, pain-free experience as I continue managing my condition with natural cures. I believe living with chronic pain shouldn’t be the way to live your life so let me tell you about this miracle 100% natural remedy for chronic pain.

What CBD is and What it’s Not

Cannabidiol or CBD Oil is also known as hemp oil. It’s rich in CBD extracts from the hemp plant, which is one type of the cannabis plant. CBD oil has been used for years to provide relief from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.CBD is a form of cannabinoid, a chemical that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. It’s not a psychoactive chemical, which means it cannot get you high or alter your mental state as smoking cannabis does. CBD oil is made from the hemp plant which has lower levels of the psychoactive THC than the marijuana plant.CBD oil has been tested and approved for the treatment of chronic pain and other conditions such as inflammation, epileptic seizures, insomnia, and anxiety. For pain control, CBD oil addresses the root cause of your pain to give you long-lasting relief and peace. Unlike other pharmaceutical pain-killers including paracetamol, aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory agents, CBD oil is derived from 100% natural sources. I have not experienced any side effects from using the hemp oil. It has a simple dosage too. For pain relief, I normally take around 2.5 to 20mg of CBD orally for an average of 25 days. If you’re going through the agony of chronic pain, I’d suggest you take the time to explore the benefits of CBD oil and I’m sure you’ll find the relief you crave for.


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