While more and more people are discovering the numerous benefits of CBD, there are an increasing number of high-quality CBD stores to meet the growing needs of consumers. One of these super high-quality CBD brands can be found on MaxCBD Wellness.com We met Maya from MaxCBD Wellness.com to tell us a little bit about the brand.

CBD is becoming a worldwide health phenomenon, how did you decide to open a CBD hemp store at MaxCBD Wellness.com ?
The rising popularity of CBD is a real health phenomenon and we are proud to be a part of this industry. As consumers of CBD, we encountered many so-called brands and websites that were selling CBD products that didn’t meet most of the industry’s quality standards. So, we took it on as a project and began researching the market for good quality CBD, while building a website that offers trustworthy information, professional service and best price per CBD mg. We discovered that even brands with excellent products failed to provide good service or were too expensive. Our customers can trust our online store in every regard –providing the highest quality tested products for the fairest prices that can be found online. Most important of all, we understand the value of good service, and we are here to support our customers with any questions or feedback they might have.

What was it like to launch your store and to source the correct CBD for your model? How did you decide on your supplier?
Our model is based on test groups. We create test groups and our subscribers are offered CBD products at wholesale prices, so they can test them and give their honest feedback. We have groups of users that take CBD to maintain general health and users who test our product to treat specific health problems. If anyone is interested in joining our next group, send an email to [email protected]

Regarding our supplier, we researched many brands, but for us, the most important thing was to find a brand that meets our top 4 requirements: the highest quality CBD with Co2 extraction method, best price, made in US, and the most important, the GMP standard approval. The brand provided us with 3rd party lab results that indicate the quality of their product (every customer can see them on our website). The products are GMP certified, made in USA and the hemp is grown in Colorado. Their products were tested by us and by our customer test groups that indicated our products are 100% effective.

What has been the best-selling product on your site and why do consumers like it so much?
Our bestsellers are the CBD tinctures of 1000mg and CBD tincture of 25000mg. Our customers find them powerful in treating various health issues. Most brands don’t have these specific dosages, and it’s a shame because we’ve seen them to be highly effective.

What’s the feedback like for those trying CBD for the first time?
The feedback for these products are wonderful. People who have been taking other CBD brands say that the effect is much stronger for a smaller dosage. Moreover, the price for those products is also excellent, for example, the 5000 mg tincture will cost you only 5 cents per mg of CBD. If you include the coupon that we offer our test group, you will get the cheapest price for CBD in the USA.

Do you plan on offering THC products if and when the law changes or just stick with hemp-based CBD products?
When THC products become legal in the USA, we’ll add additional products in our catalog and keep working with test groups as we are doing now. We’ll locate the best supplier and build custom groups for every product.

What has been the biggest surprise or “I wish I knew that before I started” moment for you?
The biggest surprise was discovering how important we are to our customers. Our customers keep coming back from month to month to buy our products again and again. People began recommending our website to their friends and family and we now have hundreds of new customers joining our groups through participant invitations.

What are the major benefits of MaxCBD Wellness.com products? What can someone expect after using the product for a few months?
As we are not a certified medical institution, we can’t recommend or promise anything to our users. Everyone will react differently to CBD and we encourage people to consult a doctor first before trying our products. What we can say is that according to the feedback we’ve received from our test groups, people use our products to treat anxiety, pain relief, reducing seizures, treating various skin problems and more. Our test groups indicate that they trust us to deliver their order on time and offer the best offer price-wise. We’re excited to offer readers a special wholesale price with a 20% Off coupon. With this coupon, we guarantee the best price in the USA on every CBD product you purchase on our website:20off.

How can people find you on social media or what is the best way to contact you if someone has a question?
You can contact us via our website: MaxCBD Wellness.com or use our live chat.
Via Facebook messenger.
You can contact us by email: [email protected]

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