The use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil has intensified hugely in the last couple of years. Although the plant, marijuana, has been around for centuries, it’s only recently that the non-intoxicating marijuana extract has been found to have a whole host of therapeutic benefits, from general wellness to improving the appearance of your skin.

Scientists have proven that cannabidiol has potent antioxidant effects and could slow down the entire process of aging while also helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne also eyebags.

Cannabidiol’s key ingredients have been shown to counteract signs of aging caused by free radicals which are responsible for damaging your skin cells and can speed up the signs of aging.

We’ve had so many positive reviews from customers after using our product and we recently sat down with social influencer, (with over 1.43 million followers on Twitter) Angel Rivera to talk about his and his partner Camille’s experience using one of our CBD anti-aging products.

Which problem areas bother you the most about your skin?
Personally, I’ve always suffered from dark circles and bags under my eyes and of course one too many late nights really takes their toll. I’m not 22 anymore, and like everyone, I’d love to reverse a few decades of wear and tear on my skin. I don’t need to look at that age again, but it would be nice to improve the quality of my skin. I’ve tried so many products in the past but haven’t really fallen in love with anyone’s product.

How did you find the application of the product?
I had no idea what to expect when receiving the cream. I know it has CBD oil in which I’ve heard can help support the skin’s natural healing process, but I wasn’t sure what the texture would be like. The cream was super soft and absorbed into my face quickly and wasn’t too thick. I read the instructions and the brand recommends rubbing the cream directly to the face and neck area twice daily.

What was Camille’s experience with the cream?
Well, Camille had been trying out all sorts of brands for years but as soon as she discovered the MaxCBD Wellness she replaced all of her old products. She uses the entire range of skincare CBD products, and can’t leave the house without using one of them daily. The anti-aging cream has done wonders for her skin and it left her feeling younger and more confident.

What surprised you about the cream?
What didn’t surprise me!!?? We both noticed almost immediate results! Both Camille and I look 10 years younger. We both look back at photos from 10 or so years ago and remember how young and beautiful we both were, and now we can actually say we both look in the mirror and look the same! Whenever we see family and friends it’s always the first thing they comment on, and they are so surprised when we tell them. Everybody began asking, what did you do? What are you using? This is the reason we want to tell everyone about the cream, and we’ve already convinced dozens of friends of ours. They all love the product and thank us for recommending it.

What is the most surprising reaction that you’ve had?
After 2 weeks of using the cream, people in the office started to ask me if I was using something different on my face because my skin was glowing. It was also surprising for me because I noticed the changes personally, but I was shocked that the people around me also noticed.

What other change surprised you?
The thing that surprised me the most about the anti-aging cream was that it kept my skin feeling fresh from first thing in the morning when I first applied the cream, up until the evening. My skin felt soft and I was also really surprised to see such an immediate improvement.

How do you and your girlfriend combine the CBD oil anti-aging cream into your everyday routine?
The cream fits in really easily into our everyday routine. Camille and I love to use the cream first thing in the morning, and neither Camille or I leave the house without one.  I keep one at home and one in the car and Camille keeps one home and one in her bag.

Have you told your followers about the cream, what’s been their reaction?
Yes, and reviews have only been positive. I think there’s been a ton of interest in how CBD oil can be used to revitalize your skin, and my followers have been amazingly impressed with the immediate results on their skin.

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