For active athletes, blue-collar workers, physical fitness enthusiasts, and even weekend warriors, chronic muscular pain can often become a debilitating condition that leads to any number of ongoing health and performance issues. One of the most common problems regarding this condition is that those who are most physically active are frequently unable to properly recover from the wear and tear—and in the case of our muscles, literal tearing—of their regularly practiced fitness regimen and/or routine physical activities.

As any fitness trainer is aware, proper rest is equally important as any workout, yet many active, on-the-go enthusiasts find it extremely challenging to properly rest their bodies—and muscular systems—due to their high-level lifestyle activities, busy work schedules, complex household responsibilities, etc…

27 years old Eric Haugen was one such individual.

A former high school and college track & field athlete from Wisconsin, Eric excelled in several middle/long-distance events and, following graduation, went on to maintain a regular, personal training/running regimen alongside his burgeoning career as a tech specialist. As his career becomes more successful, his workload significantly increased and he soon found both his ability to routinely train properly, and his physical ability to recover from regular training sessions frequently hampered by an increasingly hectic work schedule.

Determined to just “push through it”, however, Eric then suffered his first significant personal training setback—a severe muscle pull/tear—which effectively ended his running schedule for over six weeks.

Upon returning to training, Eric then suffered through a series of nagging, more minor muscle strains which nevertheless impacted his ability to train regularly, and directly caused chronic muscle pain that negatively impacted his overall quality of life.

Uncomfortable with standard pharmaceutical options and chemically based muscle salves which had previously caused skin irritations, Eric then tried MaxCBD Pain Relief Cream following the advice of a former teammate. His results were immediate, effective and he found the addition of the 100% organic MaxCBD Cream to his recovery regimen to be—unlike other chemically-based commercial products—entirely healthy and sustainable.

In addition to its immediate benefits, he also found MaxCBD Cream offers:


  • A significantly deeper, more soothing effect on fatigued muscles (allowing faster recovery)
  • A significant decrease in joint inflammation (which had also become a chronic issue)
  • A significantly less irritating effect on his skin (which allowed for daily use, and daily relief)
  • A significantly less irritating scent when used daily (which offered continued relief during office hours)

With the addition of MaxCBD Pain Relief Cream to both his medicine cabinet and gym bag, Eric was able to resume a regular running schedule and enjoyed a significant reduction in muscular pain, which in turn allowed for a greatly reduced stress level at work.

Following a 30-Day review, Eric reported zero injuries as a result of training and a significantly reduced level of muscular strain/pain during working hours. As a result, he also anecdotally added that he felt far more physically comfortable post-workout and felt that his successful muscular recovery significantly increased his ability to maintain a regular training schedule.

The 100% organic and non-GMO properties of MaxCBD Pain Relief Cream also allowed for a much more sustainable use of the product, and a much less stressful concern over the product’s long-term effects.

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